TickTrader Multi-Asset Platform Launched By FXOpen

Australia based global foreign exchange broker, FXOpen recently announced the launch of its new diverse trading platform named Tick Trader. It is a new trading platform that would make it easier for the institutional as well as retail investors to trade a diverse range of financial asset classes through a single account. It includes indices, foreign exchange, commodities, stocks, and even cryptocurrencies. The platform would facilitate both deliverables as well as margin trading, which helps the investors and traders get the flexibility as well as the options they need without having to hop from one account to the other. Such trading options can be achieved directly on the platform or via WebSocket API, FIX, or REST.

As per the statement made by FXOpen, Tick Trader is fully customizable as per the investors’ preferences and comes with a wide array of trading tools, back-testing options, and heat maps. As of now, the clients of FXOpen have access to the other trading platforms of the company, which includes its mobile trading platform, Meta Trader 4, and Meta Trader 5. Soon, the Tick Trader would be added to the trading platforms made available for the clients of the company. The company said at the launch that the idea behind developing and launching Tick Trader is to help our clients profit more, and having access to the right trading platform plays a crucial role in that.

The statement by the company also highlighted how rigorously they had tested the Tick Trader platform before launching to ensure it is going to add a feather to the cap of FXOpen, and its existing suite of trading platforms. FXOpen says that since Tick Trader is highly customizable, it is viable for both institutional as well as retail investors. The new trading platform is so designed that its functionality appeals as well as addresses the issues of all levels of traders across all asset classes.

The timing of the launch is also in favor of FXOpen as the market is witnessing high volatility and surge in volume trading due to COVID-19. Even though the market has been through massive ups and downs in the last couple of months, it is starting to settle down finally in the last couple of weeks. However, the fear of the second wave of COVID-19 across the globe continues to grapple the market and institutional investors. One of the major reasons why the markets have been witnessing high volumes and upward volatility is because COVID-19 has forced many dormant traders to get out of their comfort zone as well as encouraged new investors to start with trading.

Some of the most notable features of Tick Trader include –

  • Live and demo trading accounts for forex and cryptocurrencies.
  • Real-time quotes (cash/forex/crypto0 with market depth.
  • Logs of trading history.
  • Market trending news.
  • Automatic and manual updates.
  • Technical analysis tools with over 30 indicators.
  • Historical prices.
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of your investment portfolio/account, orders, positions, and assets.
  • Interactive and live symbol charts.
  • Forex news.

It is just the gist of what the Tick Trader offers, and there is a wide range of highly advanced and convenient tools and features that makes trading much more organized and increases the chances of profit. The launch of Tick Trader is primarily based on the massive feedback the company receives from its current and potential clients as well as market surveys. It has helped FXOpen to understand there is a gap in their offering that needed to be filled, and it is what this multi-asset class trading platform, Tick Trader is going to fill. The company did extensive beta testing of the platform before deciding to make it live for its users.

FXOpen hopes to not only consolidate its position in the market through the launch but also to attract new clients due to the volatility the market has been witnessing lately due to the pandemic. FXOpen has been adding to its product and service portfolio frequently lately, and last month introduced AstroPay to help clients withdraw their payments seamlessly. For a company that started offer as an educational center, it has come a long way in the world of brokerage.