The Number Of Women In Crypto And Blockchain Is Suddenly Increasing In 2020

In case you are much leaned towards the cryptocurrency realm, you might have an idea that this universe is majorly under control or used by male users. But, some sudden update has been brought into notice, and that is women in the land of cryptocurrency are increasing at a rapid pace in 2020.

In a report, a team of analysts found out after research that the count of women in the crypto world has uplifted by approximately 43.24% in 2020. Well, you might be getting surprised and eager to know why this is happening. Well, here are some points to make things clear to you. So, let’s dig in.

Trading Crypto is Not only for the Boys Anymore

The general expansion in the investment quality of digital currency and the price of Bitcoin (BTC) have made a great benefit to a rise in the count of female members in cryptocurrency dealing.

Studies also uncovered that female users have come up, and the count has risen from 22% to 160% approximately on the majority of the best crypto exchanges since the start of 2020.

It could also be noticed that the two digital currency exchanges and EXMO found out that the increment in the count of women is the same as Bithumb Global.

The Straightforwardness of Using Crypto

This is one of the major reasons why women are also becoming a very prominent part of this arena. The financial platform called 2gether made a revelation that 23% of its application users are females whose ages range from 26 to 45.

Also, it was found that all those women are from different educational and professional backgrounds. On the basis of the recent reports on this matter, women spend cryptocurrency in the exact same manner they spent their fiat currency.

Geography Plays a Big Role in this too

The increment of female users in the crypto world also depends on geographical factors. Let’s take an instance into consideration. The count of crypto users in the United States and Europe has gone up by 50% in 2020, as these areas have the highest demand for digital currency.

Statistics from 2gether have already proven that women using cryptocurrencies in the European regions are from age 26 to 45, just like you read in the previous section.

Women are Presently Investing More in Bitcoin

43% of the investors in Bitcoin are women. It is a major increment as last year, and the Bitcoin investor was only as less as 13%. So, this is a major uplift in the world of cryptocurrency.

The Bottom Line

So, based on these factors, the world of cryptocurrency cannot be referred to as a dominating male realm as women are equally a part of this. That was all about the increment of the number of women in the crypto world. Hopefully, you got all the required information regarding this particular matter.