Ternio BlockCard Stands at the top Debit Card Via CryptoCurrencyCard.org

Ternio BlockCard is a platform enabled with crypto fintech technology that allows consumers to convert cryptocurrencies into usable capital for the real world, and they are rated as the best out of the rest by CryptoCurrencyCard.org.

 What’s the news about the best Debit Card in the Crypto Market?

Ternio BlockCard- it is a global fintech platform which is built on Blockchain. It actually provides a bridge for the easy transformation of the digital assets to real-world assets, easily. Ternio BlockCard, in general, has connected banking, fintech, and traditional enterprises in order to provide a real-time utility of the digital properties. BlockCard provides instant remittance. They also help in easy transfer of value on blockchain rails in a very secure and regulated manner.

According to the survey of the financial Review publication, the Ternio Block card has been nominated as the best debit card company. After reviewing various similar and alternatives to Ternio BlockCard, they concluded that Ternio is the best. Financial review publication is a well known, leading source of professional reviews on the most recent updates about prepaid, debit, credit cards for cryptocurrencies. 

BlockCard scored 9.2 out of 10 in a customer review, overall. The results were displayed as,

  • Availability- 8/10
  • Fees- 10/10
  • Available cryptocurrencies- 9/10
  • Ease of use- 9/10
  • Customer support- 10/10

This review was the outcome, after reviewing 20 different Cryptocurrency debit cards, in which Ternio BlockCard led the pack. They stood out in the customer support and fees after scoring 10/10. Ease of use and available cryptocurrency is also a notable point. BlockCard delivers the best solution for consumers in the US. Therefore, it is loved by all. Above all, they are very good at customer service, which is the most crucial point!

 Was there an Interview? What was it about?

Yes, the professional team of CryptoCurtencyCard.org was engaged in an interview with the CEO and Cofounder of a one-on-one interview. The interview was basically on the future of the block card. They said that they had just rolled out 6.38% crypto back rewards, which is considerably huge. They also mentioned that they are rolling out mobile apps for iOS and Android, also making decentralized wallets, even you will be able to check national and international accounts, buy/sell cryptocurrency. Also planning to organize a debit card program in Europe. The most amazing news from all of the above is, this card is “global card”. They are also trying to do something more for people between 2020.


BlockCard is positioning itself in the market very soon after it’s launch. There are some benefits to it, which is making customers ga-ga over it. The benefits of BlockCard are,

  • Unlimited 6.38% crypto back rewards on all the purchases.
  • It supports 13 cryptocurrencies, which also includes BTC and BCH.
  • You can deposit crypto on the card, or you can take your card to Walmart, or 7-11, and add cash directly.
  • The BlockCard has two cards, one is plastic, and the other is Virtual. These two cards have forfeit numbers, which makes it safe and more secure.

BlockCard is a revolution in the way that it helps to buy crypto at over 50 million traders, worldwide! This has made digital transactions really easy.