Blockchain Protocol’s Bold Plans to ‘Shake Up the Sharing Economy’

The Crypto exchange market has been burgeoning into a big contender for the monopoly over the global economy since that fateful day when Bitcoin first sent shocks all over the financial world. Now the Crypto Exchange many new contenders on the rise to further their own visions of virtual finance. One such new player has emerged in Europe that wants to give back to the people with quality service and cheaper rates. The latest contender intends to revolutionize Europe and the United Kingdom through flourishing trading practices regarding the cryptocurrency market.

How does it set itself apart?

The company is planning to bring the British pound and euro into the mix, which has never been attempted before. This comes as a fresh new step in the right direction towards even more inclusivity in the crypto-exchange fraternity. The consumers can deposit and trade through the usual means, such as bank-issued cards. But the company is also providing a swiffer method where the processes and exchanges happen far more quickly and simply. The new corporation also promises lower rates of transactions and an all-day system of user-support dedicated to making their experience as smooth as possible.

Growing Horizons

At the beginning of the year, the establishment has also become registered to offer an e-wallet facility towards its users along with the verified ability to help traders enter into crypto-exchanges with other standard currency systems. This registration was the necessary boost this company needed to gain confidence for the next step forward. And thus, they have come to widen their business all over the continent. And after the success there, it has also set its sights on the United States of America where processes to get verified in the country’s national records have already begun.

As its business grows, this young company boasts of a customer base numbering in tens of thousands and operating in several fiat forms of currency. With a user-friendly and crisp website where customers can assess all their exchanges without annoying pop-up ads sprouting here and there along with dark form features, the company has perfected its model of business on both ends. Its applications for all types of mobile software have also been seeing increasingly glowing reviews. And the heart of the company seems to be a good one as it has recently declared their joint venture with a global NGO.